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Jasmine Misc

Jasmine "Alba"... They say malamutes don't have a very good recall so I decided to put it to the test. I took jasmine to a place called Risby Warren which is quite a lot of acres of land all fenced in. To my surprise Jasmine didn’t go very far without stopping to check if I was still near her, every time she became a distance away she ran back to touching distance.
She loved her first walk off the lead and was very well behaved and didn’t run off, she also
reacted to orders "wait, sit, and stay while not on her lead"
It's all looking well for my 11 month old malamute... Well done Jasmine.

To see further pictures of Risby Warren, visit my photography website: http://brooktech1.co.uk

Dogs can be a lot of work but are worth it in the end.

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